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For the royalty in you, Millennium Dental offers elegant, naturally translucent, all-porcelain crowns. Your rich assets will be on permanent display after our crowning ceremony.

Things to Know about Dental Crowns

Crowns strengthen and protect your tooth, as well as greatly improve your smile. Dr. Eddie Siman makes use of his naturally translucent all porcelain dental crowns to rebuild broken or decayed teeth, strengthen teeth, and improve the cosmetic appearance of a tooth.

An all porcelain crown is custom fitted to the contours of your tooth. A crown covers the tooth completely, fitting onto the gum and protecting your tooth from further damage. If your tooth is damaged to the point where it can no longer hold a filling, a crown may be necessary.

We will explain for you the reasons why dental crowns are placed and the process Dr. Siman uses when making a crown. We'll also give you an idea of how dental crowns can be used to improve the cosmetic appearance of your teeth, how long a dental crown might last, and what may be alternatives to having a crown placed.

Why Is a Dental Crown Needed?

A dental crown may be needed in the following situations:

  • To protect a weak tooth (for instance, from decay) from breaking or to hold together parts of a cracked tooth

  • To restore an already broken tooth or a tooth that has been severely worn down

  • To cover and support a tooth with a large filling when there isn't a lot of tooth left

  • To hold a dental bridge in place

  • To cover misshaped or severely discolored teeth

  • To cover a dental implant

  • How can dental crowns be used to improve the cosmetic appearance of teeth?

Since a dental crown serves to cup over and encase the visible portion of a tooth, all porcelain dental crowns can be used to enhance the cosmetic appearance of a tooth. Possibly you have heard that certain movie stars have had their teeth "capped." This simply means that the person has obtained their "Hollywood smile" by way of having dental crowns placed. These days you will typically hear new Hollywood Smiles as new Chicklets. These refer to Porcelain Veneers.

The Process for a Dental Crown

Dr. Eddie Siman will make an impression of the tooth and our exclusive high-end dental laboratory will create the crown. You will typically leave the office with a temporary crown to wear while the permanent crown is being made - this takes about two weeks. The permanent crown is then cemented onto your tooth.

Alternatives: "Onlays"?"

These are variations on the technique of dental crowns. The difference between these crowns and the crowns discussed previously is their coverage of the underlying tooth - The "traditional" crown covers the entire tooth; onlays cover the underlying tooth to a lesser extent.

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

On average, dental crowns last between 5 and 15 years. The life span of a crown depends on the amount of "wear and tear" the crown is exposed to, how well you follow good oral hygiene practices, and your personal mouth-related habits. You should avoid such habits as grinding or clenching your teeth. If you experience such habits, it can be a warning sign for another problem. Please contact our office today as there are many options for relieving these symptoms.

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