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Give Gums a Lift with Cosmetic Dental Surgery in Los Angeles

Have you taken a good look at your gums lately? The way they frame your teeth can make all the difference in your smile. With the newest laser cosmetic dental surgery available in Los Angeles, you can have the smile you’ve always wanted with the healthy gums to show off your pearly whites. If you have a gummy smile, consider the completely safe laser used by top Los Angeles cosmetic dental surgery specialist Dr. Eddie Siman. A gummy smile is when the gumline of all the teeth is low and at the same height, making the teeth appear to be too short. Some people have uneven gumlines, which make some teeth appear too long, while other teeth look too short. Both of these problems can be corrected without seeing a separate periodontist. Dr. Siman, in his Los Angeles cosmetic dental surgery spa, treats this common problem everyday improving your appearance in minutes without any bleeding or the use of a blade.

A gum lift may transform your smile in as little as one hour! Take a look at one of our patients who received a dramatically different smile in less time than it takes to eat lunch!

Swollen or inflamed gums can also be corrected with laser gum treatment cosmetic dental surgery in Los Angeles. This minor procedure can return proper health to the gums. And since healthy gums and healthy teeth go hand in hand, your whole mouth will sparkle because of the attention you give your gums.

Painless Laser Treatments – Cosmetic Dental Surgery in Los Angeles Does Not Use Drills or Shots

Many people do not realize how easy it is to reshape the gums! It is a simple laser procedure and is not considered major surgery. Dr. Siman at Millennium Dental uses no drills during this procedure. He uses zero needles for dulling pain – only a topical anesthesia is necessary. The results can be so dramatic – yet so easy to get – you’ll wonder why you waited even a day to fix your gums. If you live in Beverly Hills, cosmetic dental surgery at Millennium Dental is just a 15 minute drive.

Cut your healing time in half with laser gum treatments at our cosmetic dental spa near Beverly Hills with the following procedures done by Dr. Siman.

Continuous Care with Laser Dentistry

Recent advances in laser technology have allowed specially trained cosmetic dentist Dr. Siman to perform comfortable laser sessions for his guests. Dental lasers are used for a variety of treatments, including teeth whitening and sensitive tooth protection. Just like the nails on your hands, your gums may need a good manicure. The laser can be an excellent tool for these gums and teeth in need of a makeover. With its micro-precision, the laser can perform magic. It is the greatest sculpting tool to assist in creating the perfect smile.

Restore Healthy Gums

An integral part of a healthy smile is a healthy gumline, Restoring healthy gums involves reducing any inflammation and getting the tissue tight and pink, plus removing any periodontal disease you may have. Don’t bother looking any further; Dr. Siman can evaluate your condition and provide solutions that fit your individual needs. You may require a simple root planning and scaling (also referred to as deep cleaning) that will be performed by our highly trained hygienist. In other cases, Dr. Siman would use laser dentistry to restore your gums. Once the gums are healthy, Dr. Siman will evaluate the contours of the tissue around your gums and may perform a gum lift.

Lift Gums to Reveal Healthy Teeth

Healthy, well-contoured, pink gum tissue complements the teeth. The framing of the gum tissue around the teeth is as important as a quality frame is to a painting. Gum tissue that is red, swollen and asymmetrical in appearance detracts from teeth that are otherwise healthy. Sometimes all that may be required is to surgically contour the gum tissue with cosmetic dental surgery in Los Angeles, which leads to a more aesthetically balanced appearance. This is called a simple cosmetic gum lift. Dr. Eddie Siman at Millennium Dental performs this procedure utilizing a laser and only a topical anesthetic (no needles). The tissue heals quickly with very little discomfort healing time is cut in half thanks to major advancements in laser technology.

Of course, there are times when contouring the tissue alone is not enough. Talk with Dr. Siman, in the Los Angeles area, about other cosmetic dental surgery options at the Millennium Dental Spa.

Do you have a gummy smile? Cosmetic dental surgery with renowned Los Angeles dentist Dr. Siman is the perfect solution for your smile. Call us today at 1-818-824-6636 or 1-310-496-1790 for your comprehensive consultation with Dr. Siman.

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